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Instant Messaging: Reference
Everything About Emoticons

There are three words people use to find emoticons and they are emotions , smileys and emoticons.
The Proper name for these things is Emoticons. Although one might wonder what that word really means or is ...
and that question is quite easy. The Little Smileys are Really referred to as " Icons of Emotions " , so all
someone did was join the two words together joining on the " I " . So Emoti and Icons ... put them together
and take one of the I's out and you got Emoticons. I Still prefer to call them Emotions though and you can get
over seven thousand of them absolutely free by entering the site!


What are Emoticons or "Smileys?"

Emoticons (called "smileys" by some programs) are a combination of symbols to form an icon that helps express emotion. For example, when you string together a colon, a hyphen and a right-parenthesis, you're expressing a smile. If you look at it sideways, it even looks like a smile! :-)

Why use Emoticons?

Instant messaging and chat are very informal methods of communicating, and it is common to use acronyms, abbreviations and emoticons to help keep the conversation flowing smoothly.  

Of course, one of the biggest obstacles in communication by written language alone is that you don't have the benefit of hearing the tone of the other person's voice, or seeing their body language. Those aural and visual cues help you discern between sincerity and sarcasm; humor and anger. Emoticons give you a way to add those "cues" back into the conversation.

Some instant messaging and chat programs will convert your emoticons into a graphic that makes the emotion even more clear. The following table shows some of the more commonly used emoticons, how you type them, and what they look like in the most popular instant messaging programs.

 Emoticons Quick Reference
Text Description AOL/ICQ1 MSN 4+ MSN 3.x Yahoo
:-) Smiling Smiley
:-( Frowning Sad smiley
;-) Winking Winking smiley
:-P Sticking-out-tongue Smiley with tongue out
=-O Surprised Smiley says O  
:-* Kissing      
>:o Yelling      
8-) Cool    
:-$ Money-mouth Embarrassed smiley    
:-! Foot-in-mouth      
:-[ Embarrassed    
O:-) Innocent      
:-\ Undecided      
:'( Crying      
:-X Lips-are-sealed      
:-D Laughing Open-mouthed smiley  
1 - Smileys available in ICQ 2001b, but can only be picked from a pop-up menu.



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